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Founder’s Story


I genuinely believe that guiding children with love and patience is God’s purpose for my life. He has shown that to me over and over again.  It is who I am and have always been.  I am this way BY God’s DESIGN!  I go to bed on Sunday evening, looking forward to my job on Monday morning.”  Sharon Anglin



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Sharon Anglin, Founder of Louise & Lillian Group Family Daycare

“Can you watch my child while I run to the post office. I’ll be back in 15 minutes.

These were the words that a total stranger said to Sharon Anglin, who happened to be visiting a park one day with her children. Sharon was skeptical, but agreed to watch this woman’s child anyway.  When the woman returned, Sharon asked why she felt comfortable leaving her child with her when she does not know her.  The woman told Sharon, “My spirit told me I could trust you.”

What that woman said jived with a recurring dream Sharon had for many years in which her grandmother would say to her, “You are supposed to take care of children.”

That experience in the park, the recurring dream and Sharon’s love for children, along with that sense of trust and faith other parents had in her, were the seeds that started Sharon’s journey to build a haven for children.  Sharon’s mission was to provide a safe and nurturing place for the children of working parents.

Everything just fell into place after that,” says Sharon.

. . . and the Louise & Lillian Group Family Daycare was born!


“I’ve never seen a daycare center, where children return to the facility after they’ve outgrown the center’s services. There is no greater testament to the trust children have in a caregiver than when the former children who are now adults stay in touch with the caregiver. 

 THAT’S the difference between Louise & Lillian Group Family Daycare and other childcare centers.   Even the daycare’s interns are former attendees.”   Stacey (Parent)

Compassion for Children

Respect for children.  Sharon has raised her own sons this way.  She takes this same approach when dealing with the children left in her care.  Sharon is a strong believer in treating children the way you (the adult) want to be treated.  She understands that children need guidance and discipline – from teaching them to hang up their coats, to encouraging them to be independent and to share.  But, she also believes it is just as important for adults to have respect for children. Have respect for their minds.  Have respect for their feelings. Have respect for their concerns.

In the same way that she listens for an infant’s cry to determine what he or she wants or needs, Sharon listens to her toddlers, school-aged kids, tweens and teens to determine the best way of dealing with their situation, whatever that may be.   She once said, when interviewed about the children she watches, “It’s not always about you – the adult.”  Progress is key and Sharon believes it’s her mission to do more than simply watch these children that parents entrust her with; it’s her duty to help them make progress.

A Talent for Working with Special Needs Children

Sharon’s background working with the Board of Education’s Special Education Committee for 7 years helped to lay the groundwork for Louise & Lillian Group Family Daycare’s success with youths.  Tasked with assisting and directing high schoolers, escorting them to their classrooms and calming them down when they were “acting up” provided her with the tools she uses to this day for effectively working with children.  She was called upon because she had an extraordinary gift for dealing with teenagers. They listened to her when they didn’t listen to anyone else.

Special Needs Daycare Matters

Patience is Sharon’s signature.  Nowhere is this best reflected than in the unplanned pattern that has evolved at the Louise a& Lillian Group Family Daycare:  A number of children with ADD/ADHD, hyperactivity and phobias, who have been left in Sharon’s care, have defied the odds!  Some of those children have gone on to college. Some have joined the armed forces.  One even did both (college and the army). Others have pursued trades that align with their natural talents – from art to acting.  Her ability to instill confidence and to shape young minds for the future is impressive, particularly when it comes to special needs children.

Though it’s not a facility that primarily caters to special needs children, the Louise & Lillian Group Family Daycare does accept children with the following special needs: ADD/ADHD, phobias, hyperactivity, speech delays and learning disabilities. Why? Because Sharon has a unique philosophy when it comes to children. She believes ALL children deserve to be loved and deserve an opportunity to thrive.  She also believes that the diversity and exposure to special needs children sets a healthy standard for mainstream children, who often learn a great deal from the experience.

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Daycare Standards and Inspiration

The earliest stage of their lives is a critical time for children to learn.  Sharon believes it’s crucial that kids know they can make their goals happen.  She has conducted group sessions so children could air out their grievances and let her know what’s on their hearts.  She has a rule that EVERYONE must apologize when they are wrong.  Older children are reminded that they are setting an example for the younger children who are witnessing their behavior.  “We learn by example,” Sharon says.


Sharon Anglin has received training and certification under the auspices of the New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute, the Administration for Children’s Services and the City University of New York (CUNY) in “Caring for Children with Special Needs” which can be used to fulfill training requirements in the following New York State Office of Children and Family Services training areas:

■Principles of Childhood Development; and

■Statutes and Regulation Pertaining to Child Day Care