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Parent Reviews

Bronx childcare center

“My son, Eric, went to Louise & Lillian Group Family Daycare, which I still think is the best in the Bronx. And Sharon, who runs the place, is awesome. We have remained friends with everyone at the daycare, and so have the families of so many other former consumers.

We’re always invited to functions there, and we always try to attend, even though many of our kids are grown and out of college.  I go back without my son! When they were little, our kids never wanted to go home from the Louise & Lillian Group Family Daycare.  Now Sharon can’t get rid of us – the parents (smile). Now that my son is of child-bearing years, if we are still in the neighborhood by that time, Sharon will still be our ‘go-to’ childcare provider.

For so many children and for so many years – from ADD to ADHD, from Epilepsy to food allergies, from the well-behaved shy kid to the troubled child – the Louise & Lillian Group Family Daycare is God’s gift to parents of the Bronx!”

Stacey – Mother of Actor Eric D. Hill, Jr.

“Four of my children have been with Sharon. The main reason I have my children at the Louise and Lillian Daycare is because, Sharon is so loving. My kids love her. I trust her and she has been great with all of my children. My children, for some reason, learn so fast at Louise and Lillian Day Care. To this day, my 11-year-old and my 8-year-old go to the Louise and Lillian after school program, and my 10-month-old goes to the daycare. I recommend Sharon to everyone.”

Jasmine – Mom

“I have three children, ages 3, 8, 10, who all attend Louise & Lillian Group Family Daycare. I moved to the Bronx not too long ago, and needed convenient child care. I began my research for childcare in the Bronx. Sharon was the only child care provider who had a clean license with no infractions, so I decided to pay her a visit. While I was there, I liked what I saw. It was clean and the children who were there looked happy. I enrolled my 3-year-old for the day care and my 8 and 10 year olds for her after school program. Sharon is friendly and I can tell she really cares about the children and that she is not just in it for the money. My kids have a blast on the trips they take and the parties given by the Louise & Lillian Group Family Daycare. My 8-year-old learned his alphabet there and Sharon does many activities with the kids. It’s an educational environment even though it’s a child care provider facility. I also send my children to Sharon full-time in the summer.”

Latisha – Mom

“Sharon cared for my son from the time he was four months old until he started school. I don’t even consider Sharon a childcare provider anymore. She’s family. Her and her own children are just wonderful. She picks up my daughter in the morning, and I am so comfortable with her watching my child that I don’t talk to them for the rest of the day, because I have no worries! “

Elaine Green – Mom